Computer Systems: GPUs and CPUs

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GPUs and CPUs are used in a variety of computer systems. They can be used to even view the heavens. They are what enable us to send messages halfway across the world in a matter of milliseconds. They are the reason why science is as advanced as it is today. In modern society, teenagers rely on the CPU for the internet. It is a source of entertainment, social networking, homework help, and even sometimes friendships. Many adults use the GPU and CPU to write documents, to use email, paychecks, social security, important document storage, and even Solitaire. A GPU is a chipset that resides in computer systems. It stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is used for displaying and processing images to be viewed by the user. CPUs are a singular chip in most cases. It stands for Central Processing Unit and for the majority of the time it is slower than a GPU. It is used for a variety of processing functions and is sometimes called “The brain of the computer”. It processes 95% of the data that is used throughout the time the computer is being used. For example, someone is writing a document in the program Microsoft Word. They might notice that as they type, the cursor moves across the document to show where they are typing in their document. The graphical side of things (Displaying the document and movement of the cursor) is done by the GPU while the CPU saves bits and pieces of the document to its RAM (Electronic Chip(s) in a computer that saves data to be used later in the session that stands for Randomly Accessible Memory.). Once the user is ready to either print or save the document, the GPU will prompt them on whether or not to actually carry out the command. If yes is selected, the CPU will either move the data from the RAM to the ... ... middle of paper ... ...the U.S. Most programs are not suited for calculations in a GPU. They require a CPU to calculate for them. But recently, a company named Accelereyes has been working to translate said programs in a program they are creating called Jacket. It would be used to compile the functions of a CPU into code that a GPU can understand. To conclude, the differences between a GPU and a CPU are numerous. A GPU can do certain computations faster than a CPU can do the same computations, it can display images onto the monitor for the user to see, and it can store data onto its RAM for temporary storage and for later use. The CPU can communicate with the GPU, do computations, send data to the CPU’s RAM, copy data from the optical drive, store data onto a hard drive, control the fans in the computer, connect to the internet, and to help people to play solitaire.
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