Computer Security Case Study

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Introduction Robust information systems and communication networks have become essential in social and economic development across the world. Networking and computing are currently utilities in the same way as water supplies and electricity. For this reason, the safety and availability of information communication systems are becoming of increasing concern. Computer security is essential to any institution and government agency and with the ever-increasing rates of computer-related crimes, it is essential to establish security program capable of preventing the impact of such threats. Various institutions globally are increasingly integrating advanced information communication technology infrastructure and applications in their core operations…show more content…
These incidents range from simple denial of service attacks launched by script kiddies to more sophisticated data exfiltration that can lead to PII compromise and loss of sensitive intellectual property and information. For instance, in October of 2012, a group of hackers broke into thousands of computer accounts belonging to more than 12 Universities in what was seen as a protest against the increase in the cost of tertiary education. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (2012), the group named “Team GhostShell” posted a list of their targets that included Harvard University, University of Tokyo and University of…show more content…
A close analysis of the current global security concern is reflected in the objectives of various learning and global institutions’ information security programs. A number of institutions including University of Colorado, Harvard University and University of Missouri share a common theme in their objectives. Top on the list of such objectives is the need to establish guidelines that allow users of their particular information systems practice good data stewardship, ensuring reliability and availability of their systems and most important the need to protect the system as well as other information assets from unauthorized access, modification or sharing (University of Missouri, 2013). One of the features of a well-developed security system includes well-drafted and implemented security policies. According to President and Fellows of Harvard College (2013), information security policy ensures the protection of the institution’s technical resources as well as maintaining the systems integrity and securing the privacy of confidential data. In a broader perspective, the security policies include password policy, access policy and confidentiality policy. Security policy ensures the maintenance of acceptable levels of the system’s

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