Computer Science and Virtual Reality

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When we talk about dreams, the first thing that comes to my mind is Virtual Reality because of my interest in Computer Science. The advancement in the field of Computer Science in the new millennium has helped many people realize their dreams by making their living and working a lot easier than before. Computers now have become an indispensible part of everyone’s life. I have always had an ambition of doing something big, this ambition and along with my stalwart desire to gain in-depth knowledge about computers have been the prime reasons of my decision to pursue graduate studies in the field of computer science in your university which will offer a lot of opportunities to succeed and achieve my goals.
Working with computers has always attracted me, I liked taking notes on M.S. Word rather than on a piece of paper. Along with the interest of working on computers, I had an interest of solving puzzles in newspapers and magazines. This interest in finding solutions to the puzzles fueled my interest in problem solving using C. My first puzzle on a computer screen was the 9-Queens Problem, the best part about the puzzle was that I had implemented it using my basic knowledge in C language which I gained in school. This fueled a desire in me to learn more about computers and come up with solutions to even more complex problems.
After my high school, I enrolled for Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science at the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu to gain further knowledge and progress myself in this field. The core subjects taken by leading faculties helped me gain knowledge in computer science. The coursework of the subjects included lab sessions; the good infrastructures of the lab helped me gain practical knowledge...

... middle of paper ... Arizona State University as the university where I want to pursue my graduate program.
A graduate degree in computer science will help me prepare to achieve my short term and long term goals. I wish to pursue a graduate level program so as to interact with students and faculties who are interested in the same field as I am. I want to be a part of the indispensable field of computer science which takes computers and its applications to the next level by participating in the exchange of ideas with the enormous body of knowledge in existence. I believe I have the correct aptitude and knowledge for research work and Arizona State University provides me with a good platform to enhance my research capability by nurturing me while contributing to its own educational environment. I therefore, look forward to joining your Computer Science department as a graduate student.

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