Computer In Education Essay

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1.0 Introduction
In this modern era, the rapid growth of science and technology has resulted in many beneficial tools for the society. Computers are now widely used by people of all stages of life and more and more people are becoming computer literate compared to a decade ago. This is because now computer are so convenient that with just a click on the mouse we can get almost every information we need Now most homes in the world, especially in the developed countries, are equipped with at least one computer. This further proves the fact that computers are becoming a large part of life today. Both government and private sectors are using computers in various fields but most importantly in the education field.
Since the colonisation of English in Tanah Melayu at about 100 odd years back, English language had been taught in Malaysia. The method of teaching it had only change a little along the years as this is because the main variation in teaching English is mostly the syallabus and not the teaching tools used. in teaching the language itself. This is because most of the teachers in the school are not competent in using computer to teach English language because training for it are not many and many still prefer to use the traditional method to teach the language,
However, lately The Ministry of Education in Malaysia has implemented projects making ICT in the classroom a teaching and learning tool. This is because recently the standard of English language has drop and the competency of the language among students had been doubted as well. Thus The Ministry of Education is hoping that through the introduction of computer as a tool in an English language classroom, it will change the teaching and learning approach making it even...

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...onsider one of the nation that do not read much.
5.2 Pronunciation Improve Activity Using Computer Software
English is a second language in Malaysia and often the English that we speak may differ from the native speaker due to the influence of our mother tongue. Thus by having such activity, one can improve their pronunciation in class and the proficiency of English among Malaysian will be better.
6.0 Conclusion
Though CALL had been in this world quite long ago however it seems that practises of CALL are just a handful compared to conventional English teaching method. Malaysia especially the Minister of Education should accept that technology is the way forward and accept the current norm that is computer usage especially in the education sector. To sum up, CALL is have not totally cement itself in the education system of Malaysia and hopefully one day it will.
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