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Computer Games Personal computer games refer to the video games which are played on personal computers rather than on arcade machines or video game consoles. The most defining features of these games include a higher degree of user control over the gaming software and hardware and an absence of central controlling ability. Another defining characteristic of the computer games is the increased capacity for input to the pc, processing and consequently the output. People playing computer games are able to interact with objects displayed on the computer screen for the purpose of entertainment. Although there is the entertainment value of computer games, computer games are harmful and do not encourage full brain growth and development in children. In fact, some children develop antisocial behaviors if they play them too much. Playing computer games over longer periods of time could be risky for the stunted brain growth of children. Computer games like action games, role and strategy games have captured the attention of America’s youth resulting in excessive play. Children who play computer games around the clock have also been linked to a loss of self-control. Recent studies show that thought processes in the brain are stimulated though this game play. This consequently translates to behavioral difficulties like violence as well as underdevelopment of the brain. Computer games do not affect the developing brains of children positively. Ryuta Kawashima, a professor of Tohoku University in Japan, stated that “the greatest threat from computer games was not in their tendency to arouse aggression, as previously thought, but in the lack of mental stimulation they provide”(Mathews). The professor, with his research team, engaged in a pro... ... middle of paper ... ...nue playing. In light of the aforesaid researcher, we should focus on positively constructing the gaming medium instead of trying to eliminate the games. However, it is important to limit children’s video game playing because it could change their behavior negatively and it could be a great idea to find healthier activates for them so their thinking can improve positively like: playing sports as an example. References Fink, J. (November 4, 2013). Who says video games are antisocial? Mathews, A. (20 Aug 2001). Computer games make children antisocial. Tanner Helland (. (2008). Think video games make kids antisocial? Think again.
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