Computer Faceoff

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Computer Faceoff

In this fast changing technological world, computers might be seen as one of the most popular kinds of electronic devices in today’s planet. Whether a child or an adult, male or female, everyone wants to learn how to operate a computer. People use computers for different purposes such as typing papers, creating websites, making presentations, browsing on the internet, and playing games. There are two types of computers such as laptops and desktops, which can be examined through size, weight, connectivity, and power.

Size could be one of the major concerns for people who want to buy a computer. A laptop is smaller and all the components used are relatively small as well. Size is a very important factor which makes the laptop more convenient to use (Day 1). It contains everything in one complete unit including the screen, mouse, and the keyboard. The reason they are small is due to the use of smaller parts in constructing them. These parts include microprocessor, memory, hard drive, motherboard, and power supply. C. William Day, points out that, “Laptops aren't as easy to upgrade” (2). Most of the components are fixed in terms of capacity such as hard drive, memory, processor speed and screen size.

Furthermore, weight may be an important aspect to look at when buying a laptop. Due to the use of small components, the weight is reduced by great percentage. John Biggs writes, “To reduce weight, manufacturers typically shave inches from the keyboard and screen” (Biggs 1). Having a larger screen in this case, 17 or 20 inches can contribute in weight than one, which has 10 to 12 inches. Being light in weight it is easy to carry in different places.

Another important aspect in laptops may well be connectivity. In ord...

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...nating current to operate. Laptops also use electric current to recharge the battery. Newer models of laptops come in bigger screen sizes and with better processor speeds. Desktops, on the other hand, have better processor speeds. In terms of connectivity, both incorporate built in modems for internet access.

Although both computers are good, in one or another way, both are highly advancing with technology. While laptops have a reasonably size and weight, this makes them easy to move around. Desktops, though bigger in size be likely to hold more parts and information. Weight is not a great issue to worry when it comes to desktop computers. Both computers offer enhanced connectivity, but laptops offer superior internet connection over desktops. Alternating current is normally used to operate both computers. Batteries are used in laptops as one of the power source.
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