Computer Crimes of Today

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Computer Crimes on the Internet

Thesis: Emerging with the Internet, a group of elite cyber-surfers have turned into todayís computer hackers.
Software piracy is a major crime on the Net.
$7.5 billion of American Software is stolen each year.
Industrial Espionage is gaining access to remote sites illegally.
Stealing of information from corporate sites is extremely illegal.
Password Sniffers are used to get someoneís password.
IP spoofers changes your identity.
Many things can be stolen from companies.
III. Email hacking is common.
Mail bombs are thousands of messages send to a single address.
Email forgery can cause people reputations to get ruined.
Anonymous Email is illegal.
Fraud is very common.
Pyramid schemes are nothing but a scam.
Credit card fraud is a half billion dollar a year scam.
Computer viruses are destructive to computers.
Computer viruses can be attached to Email messages.
99% of all computer viruses are detectable.

Computer Crimes on the Internet

Its the 90ís, the dawn of the computer age. With technology changing and evolving everyday, it may seem hard not to slip behind in this ever changing world. The Information Super-Highway has been following computers throughout the past few years. Along with the Internet, an emerging group of elite cyber-surfers have turned into todayís computer hackers. Most people donít know about them, most people donít know they exist, but they are out there, lurking in the shadows, waiting for there next victim. It can be a scary world out there (Welcome to the Internet). In reality it is not nearly as bad as it sounds, and chances are it wonít happen to you.
There are many fields of hacking on the Internet. The most popular type of hacking is software piracy. ìAccording to estimates by the US Software Piracy Association, as much as $7.5 billion of American software may be illegally copied and distributed annually worldwideî(Ferrell13). Hackers ìpirateî software merely by uploading software bought in a store to the Internet. Uploading is send information from point A(client) to point B(host); downloading is the opposite. Once it is uploaded to the Internet, people all over the world have access to it. From there, hackers trade and distribute the software, which in hacker jargon is warez.
Industrial Espionage is another main concern on the Internet. Most recently, the FBIís World Wide Web page hacked and turned into a racial hate page. Anyone can access files from a WWW page, but changing them is very hard. That is why most hackers donít even bother with it. CNET stated ìThis Web site should have been among the safest and most secure in the world, yet late in 1996, it got hacked.
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