Computer Crime Case Study

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Introduction Computer crime is a type of crime that involves computers and a network. These crimes are also referred to as cyber crimes. In this type of a crime, the computer can be used to commission the crime or the computer or the network itself is the target for the crimes. These crimes have been in the rise in the past few years. People are committing crime in the internet using computers while hiding their identity. They do this because it is difficult to trace them to their areas of hiding. These crimes target people or business. The main aim of the criminal is to intimidate their target because they have managed to access their information or they can use the information to black mail them. I came across an article in the internet that gave a story of a computer crime. The heading of the article is Sands: Bethlehem, Pa. casino targeted hacking attack. This was a story about a Casino in Las Vegas in a casino called Casino giant Las Vegas Sands Corp. the management of the casino reported on 19th February, 2014 of people who hacked in to their website and internal systems. The management reported that the hackers crushed their email system and stole their employees’ social security numbers. Upon investigation, a video surfaced online which showed that the catalog information that was stolen was even deeper then the management had stated. It was confirmed that the hackers had managed to gain access to one of the main important drivers in the Casino. The problem with this case was that the person who posted the video on YouTube could not be traced. The aim was not known since the hackers had not said anything yet. The casino is the largest in the world in terms of revenue. This did not stop the operations of the Casino becau... ... middle of paper ... ... their revenues rose by a margin of 3.7%. Many businesses that are affected by the same case usually suffer huge losses. This is because there is tension in the business. Some businesses even close down because they rely on their privacy of their information. Once the information is leaked, they find no use in operating the business. Advancement of technology is another issue in this case. Businesses should ensure that they update their systems with the latest technology. Technology keeps changing with time. This is why it will be safe for any company to use the best and latest software in the market. This will be difficult for hackers because they will not be able to hack an ever changing system. Businesses should always keep abreast with the latest and best technology. Source of the article:

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