Computer Aided Design

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Computer Aided Design “Imagine being able to walk through your new home or office building, go into every room, try out different colors on the walls or make changes to the design – before it’s even built. It sounds pretty amazing, and it is. That is the world of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drafting.” The average Computer Aided Design drafter makes 34 to 54,000 a year. Computer Aided Design, CAD for short is the use of a 2D or 3D computer program that helps manufacturers , engineers , architects , and any other drafter using it make projects such as houses , bridges , etc. CAD helps these people using it because it makes the drafting of houses or parks or any residential building so much easier to build. Back when their was no computers in the world or technology people used manual drafting which was making blue prints by hand. Now that CAD is made it is being used on a number of applications by big time companies. There is not one company that still practices the use of manual drafting ever since CAD was built. CAD has plenty of useful tools and easy to use options. Program easy to use and not to expensive to buy. All of this leads up to how CAD benefits society. Computer Aided Design has many advantages. CAD which is known as Computer Aided Design is used for many occasions and has a lot of advantages to it. The use of a 2D or 3D computer design to make properties such as buildings facilities or blueprints. There are plenty of Advantages when using CAD. Which make CAD a very resourceful tool which is used by Architects, engineers and big time construction companies. Some advantages when using CAD is the easy modification tools that are used to fix these drawings. Its easy to move, rotate , delete, and modify your measurements.... ... middle of paper ... non-automated competitors.”(Mahoney,J). Mahoney J speaks on how the companies with the CAD program have a certain edge over companies that still use manual drafting. Will also improve the work quality of their coworkers. Works on the communicative skills with customers and also other people when it’s time to present their house project. Constructions companies benefit from CAD. Makes house building easier. Makes building blueprints easier. All of this shows that Computer Aided Design can benefit the construction industry. All in all Computer Aided Design is to know to be very useful and popular. Has advantages that help out constructions industries and make it very beneficial to them. Has easy to use controls which draw other engineers attention. CAD makes life easier for these people that are using the application. CAD is shown to be very beneficial to society.
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