Compressors Analysis

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North Macomb Medical Associates could gain from several recommendations but the following are the ones that would be most beneficial to their facility. When making these recommendations, it was pertinent to keep the overall outcome in mind. For a medical office to succeed, they must ensure that the most effective way to maintain medical records is utilized, every employee has an idea of what occurs in the billing department, and that one person is not left to complete a job that requires two people. The first recommendation for North Macomb Medical Associates is the necessity of implementing an electronic medical records (EMRs) system. Due to the upcoming requirement for medical offices to convert paper-based medical records into an EMR database, this topic needs to be addressed. With EMRs, it eliminates the time that is spent on locating charts, allows more than one person to access the file, and eliminates the errors that often occur on prescriptions that are written out. Time that is spent on searching for charts can now be spent on tasks that are more important. This recommendation should take top priority due to the number of benefits it will create for the overall facility. With their mission statement involving providing all ages the best quality of care possible, EMRs will put all their information at the fingertips of the staff which would speed up the response time and provide quicker prescription refills with less errors. This recommendation is going to be a long and tedious task if it is left up to the staff to complete the inputting of the patients information. If they plan to outsource to a company, they will need to make a decision of whom they are going to pay to complete it and then determine how and when it was going to happen. North Macomb Medical Associates has approximately 6 new patients a day which is going to continue to
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