Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Necessary in the United States

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Under the scorching Arizona sun, only running on a single can of carbonated energy drink and a couple of caffeine pills, 29 year old Felicitas Martinez wondered in the desert trying to reach her destination in this great country of America. Unfortunately however, this young Mexican woman like countless others did not make it to her destination because the journey on which she chose to embark was too difficult. Martinez died at the side of her 17 year old cousin Julio Diaz. Regrettably this is the story of many of those who aspire to reside in our great nation. Sadly these immigrants see no other alternative to entering this country than by illegal means (Archibold). When I read this story in the San Francisco Chronicle I was compelled to put myself in young Julio’s shoes; compelled to view things from a teenage immigrant’s perspective. And when I did this I was overwhelmed by the thought of that being me or one of you. So in recognizing the immediate need of a wise and comprehensive plan to combat the growing number of illegal immigrants entering the nation through the southern border, it is imperative that the United States implement a comprehensive plan for Immigration reform. My fellow American youth I come to you today with hopes of raising your awareness on the major issue of national security because our government is not doing enough to solve this increasing problem. I say on this day that enough is enough and I hope that you the American people will stand with me in bringing about the logical reform that America needs. Research in the book Migration and Immigration yielded that an “overwhelming majority of Mexican international migration is to the United States. According to the most recent Mexican census data, almost ni... ... middle of paper ... ...immigrants simply because that is what we all are; immigrants. I ask you today why we should indirectly deny the opportunity of citizenship through such a long and hard process. Is this ethical? We need Customs Agencies that are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days a year. If it takes more time and more headaches than usual, then that is what we should be willing to handle. What do you stand for? According to the book Land of Immigrants, “the United States Bureau of the Census recognize[ed] 122 different ethnic groups” and I say to you today that it is time for us to embrace this diversity and expand toward an even greater on.(Hammerschmidt) Stand with me my fellow Americans. Stand for the change that we all desire. Stand for such a great deal of ethnic diversity. Stand for life. America let’s stand for the dream.

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