Comprehension Essay

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Comprehension, it is something people do every day without thinking about it. Comprehension is the action or capability of understanding something. What if you didn’t understand something, how would you understand the world around you? Many students face this issue and school systems are not catching it soon enough. Comprehension skills require students to relate to their life experiences to their reading. It also requires students to incorporate decoding skills to understand the text they are reading. The idea of comprehension and how it is taught in schools is an important topic and why I chose to do a study about it. Students are struggling with comprehension still in the higher-grade levels. Why are they still struggling? There are many…show more content…
There is the science research associates corrective reading program (SRACRP), the accelerated reader (AR) program, the reading edge reading program; used in middle schools, the rewards and rewards plus program, and scholastic’s read 180 program. All but one of these programs are available to students starting in grade three. Many of these programs are for students who have trouble identifying words, have poor thinking skills, do not follow directions well, and lack the vocabulary and background knowledge necessary to understand what they read. These programs are explicit instruction in decoding, reading strategies, fluency and comprehension. Students that undergo intensive, explicit, research based instruction in their area of need are able to make annual gains beyond that of their developing peers. Decoding is the emphasis of elementary schools, with no guarantee that students will comprehend what they read. Many students that read fluently are still unable to comprehend well. Teachers share concerns that many of these students have surpassed the age where there can be no further gains in reading skills and remediation may not be as effective
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