Composition II - Topics for Final Essay

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Composition III – Topics for Final Essay
After much thought and deliberation, the topics for the final Composition III essay have been narrowed down to three. In doing so, preliminary research was conducted in order to ascertain whether enough information is available to develop a viable research paper. All three subjects do in fact have sufficient information available and now the only remaining decision is final selection of a topic. The three topics chosen are, 1) Facebook – Friend or Foe; 2) The Debate: Online Degree vs. Brick and Mortar Degree; and 3) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Outsourcing.

The first topic of interest is “Facebook – Friend or Foe”. These days just about everyone has a Facebook account. It is used in marketing, it is used to keep in touch with family and friends, it is used to get a message across quickly to many people, and it can even help you find someone you have lost touch with. Just recently, I personally found a long lost friend that I had not spoken to in over ten years. While checking Facebook messages, I decided to search for some old high school buddies. Lo and behold, there she was. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and we have kept in touch ever since. So Facebook is great, right? Not always! Be cautious of what is placed on your Facebook page! Someone may be judging its content or the postings on your wall. As a former recruiter, several past clients were notorious for reviewing Facebook prior to extending an offer of employment to a candidate. Their reasoning….if they checked Facebook, then their clients can check it, and they do not want an risk an employee giving a bad impression of their business. Do corporations have a right to check your Facebook and pass judgment? ...

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...necessary and then the essay will begin to take shape. Valuable information will be gained within the next four weeks to assist in making the essay interesting, well organized and presented in a clear and concise manner.

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