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Tomas Matthew Delonge, JR or as fans know him better Tom Delonge is a very influential composer. He was born December 13, 1975. His parents were Connie and Tomas SR. He has an older brother named Shon, and a younger sister named Kari. He grew up in Poway California. Originally he wanted to be a firefighter and even went through the San Diego Cadet program. His parents divorced when he was 18 which was the influence for some of the songs he wrote. On May 26, 2001 Tom married his girlfriend of 6 years, Jennifer Jenkins. The band Jimmy Eat World played at the reception for them. He has two children Ava Elizabeth born in 2002, and Jonas Rocket born in 2006. They currently reside in Del Mar California. Tom suffered from a herniated disc which led to chronic pain and his eventual addiction to Vicodin. He stopped cold turkey when he could not get any pills for a week. Tom also was diagnosed with skin cancer and even though it has been treated and cleared up he still started a foundation to help raise money for breast cancer research. He helped create a clothing line known as Atticus Clothing and a shoe company known as Macbeth Footwear. He sold his shares of Atticus and is now the sole owner of Macbeth. He is also a children’s book author. He has a couple of websites one is a place for people to talk about alien sightings and abductions as Tom is a very big believer in extra-terrestrials, and the other is a place for fan’s to talk to bands and for musicians to talk to each other. Tom attended Poway High School until his junior year when he was kicked out for being drunk at a basketball game. Getting kicked out lead to him attending Rancho Bernardo High School for the rest of his junior year where he met Anne Hoppus who felt that Tom... ... middle of paper ... ...a recurring theme in his music. On Enema of the State there is a song called “Aliens Exist”, there is a video he put out for Love that is all done in a space ship and in outer space. He tends to get side tracked during interviews if aliens are mentioned. He has his own studio in his home to record when he feels like it. It was this studio that lead to the break-up of Blink 182. He wanted them to come to his house to record their new album and the other guys did not agree with it and this was when they decided to go on hiatus. Tom stated that he hated school and would only try the bare minimum to get a C because all he truly enjoyed doing was music and skateboarding. Works Cited “Blink 182”: Tales from Beneath Your Mom – The Official Biography – Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker, Anne Hoppus. We Don’t Need To Whisper The Documentary – Video by Tom Delonge.

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