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Writing is one of most difficult subjects to master due to the writing tactics many writers use and the different tips followed for the various writing topics. A writer will elaborate strongly when pressure is not included during the time they are writing. If a writer feels pressure while writing a paper it will become visible to readers that the writer was not comfortable causing them confusion. Another important factor to take under consideration is the time that the author spends when writing because it will reflect on their critic’s opinions. When writers feel freedom to include all their ideas their writing becomes a jargon of ideas however, if given a prompt writing is more clear and straightforward. Prompts give writers the topic and the rest is based on research and opinion that they must make efforts to mirror in their writing. Although critics may apply that giving writers prompts does not allow the writers to express themselves entirely, writers are given a topic to take a stance and effectively explain why. The materials used throughout writing affect the effectiveness of a writing sample. If adequate articles and reliable websites are utilized to formulate opinions on an essay prompt, when cited properly, it is more likely for the essay to be effective. Reliable articles and websites should be analyzed very carefully to absorb only information that relates to the topic and the writers opinion. Proof reading and formatting are also critical to a writing sample because they affect how the author’s main claim is explained. Writers are able to write more effectively when avoiding pressure, given prompts, and evaluate reliable resources to further their opinions.

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...t. Writing prompts make writers creative and helps them further ideas they already have or create new ideas all together. Prompts lead to a structured format for writing when evaluated properly. Applying research to a writing sample is one of the best ways to establish and further opinions. It is important to present research correctly and to cite it accurately to avoid removing credibility from the source. A writer’s best sample will only become “nearly perfect” once those habits that weaken writing disappear.

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