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Reading is believed to be an easy task, something we all learn and develop through the years as we grow, however, is it really that simple? Reading and understanding are both essential when a student begins to read. It is a complex action that requires a multitude of different actions/components, all working at the same time, to become a successful reader. The components that are pertinent to reading are: comprehension, oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency and vocabulary. Without these components, reading may very well be irrelevant because it does not make sense to read and not understand what is being transmitted/relayed. According to the National Reading Panel (NRP), “a combination of techniques is effective for teaching children to read” (NRP np, 2013)
Comprehension is key to understanding what one is reading. For the most part, comprehension is what most believes reading to be. It is by far the most important component in reading because it activates all the thinking skills that are available as you are reading, and all the other components are required in order to comprehend. Comprehension is the understanding of what is being read (K12reader, 2014). A perfect example would be instructions. The majority of what we utilize today comes with a set of instructions. Some of them are simple and are made of diagrams, but they all contain a certain amount of reading. Just being able to read the words would not be enough because you would not know what to do. When you are able to follow the instructions then you comprehend them. An effective way to teach comprehension would be using a set of oral and written instructions in class to complete a practical assignment. While hearing the instructions it may trigger some...

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...ate exceptional reading patters and studies for the students to follow. Keeping them engaged with text is a definite must. There are not many people that would like to read a boring piece of text… unless it is for a research paper. However, if we are able to tap into the students overall ideas of their interests and pair that with a book, then it becomes interesting. Even giving them a choice of their preferred reading material is a good way to go, pending the approval of the teacher of course. The goal is the keep the students reading the majority of non-fiction books, however, any reading will help to expand their vocabulary and increase their fluency and comprehension. At the end of the day, we want all children/students to become successful, and reading is a main factor in doing so. The younger the child/student starts to read, the higher their rate of success.
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