Complications Of Colllapsible Steering Column

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COLLAPSABLE STEERING ABSTRACT: The steering wheel is the important cause of fatal injury for drivers in frontal collision. When frontal collision occurs, due to the kinetic energy of driver or occupant body, it moves forward against steering wheel and wind shield. Actually in a frontal collision forces will be first transmitted through driver’s feet which act as fulcrum so the body will rotate about it. For the taller driver steering works as fulcrum. Driver head & chest hit the steering or windshield which may cause severe injury or death. Considering the injury potential of steering wheel we are presenting a new idea Collapsible Steering Column (Mesh). What is the collapsible steering column? The collapsible steering column is a mechanism…show more content…
The steering column is the shaft directly under the steering wheel in which the ignition and automatic shift levers are often located. When the steering column was first invented, it consisted of a single, long, steel rod connecting the steering wheel to the steering gear box. While this single-piece construction was efficient, and effective in controlling the vehicle, it soon became apparent that its design was unsafe in frontal collisions. Under the single-piece system, when such an impact occurred, the steering column would often impale the driver as it was rammed toward the rear of the vehicle. The unsafe attributes of single-piece steering columns called for the invention of a safer steering column design, which is why BelaBarenyi designed the collapsible steering column to replace it. The safely enhanced construction of the collapsible steering column, no matter which design is used, absorbs, rather than transfers, frontal impact energy by collapsing or breaking upon impact. In this way, drivers involved in frontal impact collisions are able to avoid the dangers of non-collapsible steering parts. Though the designs for steering columns have varied since their inception, a typical collapsible steering column looks like two interlocking shafts that attach directly to the steering wheel and the
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