Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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Debra Ginger Professor Swafford English 101 May 2, 2014 Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A New Frontier Complementary and Alternative Medicine are fairly new to the United States, but have been around for centuries in many other parts of the world. In healthcare, Cam is growing in leaps and bounds, and millions of Americans are spending quite a lot of money on it. It is so widely used now that there has been an impact on physicians, researchers and the policy makers. With its continued popularity, the need increases to better understand this alternative form of medicine by the public and their physicians. With such a high percentage of people using CAM, more doctors should spend the extra time to learn about them because people feel these medicines take care of the whole person and not just the disease. One of the reasons the popularity of theses medicines is growing is the rising dissatisfaction with our traditional healthcare, the high cost of some prescriptions, and the difficulty in finding good health insurance. Physicians today are often strapped for time and don’t really listen to their patients, while doctors who use alternative medicine usually offer their patients more time and personal attention, because they are not pressured by insurance companies and are on a different fee scale. There is a difference between Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Complementary medicine is a non- traditional approach used with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine is using a non-traditional approach in place of conventional medicine. CAM can cover everything from herbs, probiotics, and meditation, which can be used alone, or those that require a practitioner such as acupuncture, homeopathy or massage. The ... ... middle of paper ... overview: new perspectives”. EPMA Journal (2012):n.pag. Ernst, E., PhD. “What’s the point of rigorous research on complementary/alternative medicine”? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Apr.2002, 95(4) 211-213. Khare, C.P. “Indian Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Dictionary”. E-Book. Dec 2007 Maier, Barbara. “The Philosophy and Practice of Medicine and Bioethics: a naturalistic-humanistic approach”. International Library of Ethics, Law and the New Medicine. Vol.47, 2011, n.pag. “Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook”. Ethnic News Watch. Ed. Debbie Newman and Ben Woolgar. Oxon, Ox. Routledge, 19th edition, 2014. p. 245-246. Relman, Arnold Dr. “ A Trip to Stonesville, Some Notes on Andrew Weil”. The New Republic. Dec. 14, 1998 Ruggie, Mary. “Marginal to Mainstream, Alternative Medicine in America”. Cambridge University Press. 2004, Print.
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