Competitive Analysis Of Apple

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As we see iPhone is the biggest revenue contributor for Apple and company heavily relies on it. Although there are many different competitors, Samsung has been the biggest one especially when it comes to high end smartphones. As of 2015 Apple market share of high end smart phones is 57%, it has been consistent high since first iPhone came out. However, Samsung is catching up with a market share of 27% in 2015, compare to just 18% in 2011 (Business insider). But situation looks different in smartphone market in general. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), Apple’s iPhone had a market share of 14.9% at the end of 1Q17, compared to 15.4% last year. Despite Samsung’s Galaxy S7 fiasco, Samsung continued to lead the global smartphone market with a 22.8% share, compared to 23.8% in the same period last year (Market Realist). Samsung provided…show more content…
One of the Apple strength was an unmatched compatibility of the products that are easy to use. iPhone to iPad to Mac to iTunes they are all easily synchronized with each other and that is why consumer continue to be loyal to the brand and would buy full range of the products. As mentioned earlier, Samsung is the strongest competitor for Apple when it comes to smartphones and tablets. 16% of total revenue in 2016 Samsung gained from LCD TV sales (Samsung Global Newsroom). If Apple would come out with its own luxury version of TV screens, loyal to the brand consumers would be the first to purchase them. Apple shook up the market when they first came out with iPhone, changing whole industry due to tasteful design and consumer friendly interface. I do believe it is a time to further penetrate existing market and offer bigger range of
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