Competitive Advantage Of Fast Food Restaurant

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Serves 2 competitive advantages: Customers lock in and innovative business method
All processes of service, confection of meals and ordering are designed to optimize the speed of service, and decrease the waiting time of customers. Meals are all prepared in advanced, and are assembled at the last minute in front of the customer. The entry, and the main dish are separated and hence can be assembled constantly, hence maximizing the possible flow of customers. The architecture of the restaurant was designed with the help of a specialized designer, enhancing the effectiveness of service.
From our study in the task and remote environment, there is an increasing need of effectiveness of service, as customers wish to spend more time eating, and less
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As we identified from the previous study, the new generation of fast food restaurant tends to come back on a focus on the product quality. Street is directly involved in this trend, as they propose higher prices for better quality product. More and more restaurant chains focus their concept on quality (shake shack, habits, chipotle etc.). This restaurant chains are the one with the highest IPOs and the most effective in term of cash flow. Future competition will be in the product top quality. Street needs to find an other differentiation method. Timing needs to be a main concern now and in the future to keep a competitive advantage. To do…show more content…
Street Bangkok’s meals are designed to be almost entirely prepared in advance, leaving only a small portion to be assembled in front of the customer.

As we said the food quality is a competitive method now, but as referred to the new biggest restaurant chain, more and more restaurant focus on quality. Advertising on “5 fruits and vegetable per day”, “eat balanced”, “eat bio”, the dramatic increase of culinary TV shows, especially in France, show a growing interest for cooking. We can forecast that food quality won’t be a competitive method but a requirement to stay competitive. The timing order competitive method must be a real implementation in order to keep a competitive advantage.

Street first restaurant intends to offer not only a product but also a real experience to its customers. The European music played by Thailand’s bands, the decoration, the light and the brands logo allow a very specific immersion into a revisited Thai experience. Furthermore, the chef professional experience and nationality add value to the recipes and brand recognition. This can become a major competitive method if all its future restaurants respect the same design and ambiance. It will create brand recognition and enhance a price premium based on brand.