Competition of Apple versus Microsoft

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Microsoft and Apple are the two leading corporations in the rapidly growing electronic business. Apple Inc. was incorporated January 3, 1977, ('Apple Investor Relations Investor FAQ') one year after Microsoft was funded. In August 1981, Microsoft launched its first version of Windows version 1.0 sparking the competition between Microsoft and Apple. ('Introduction to Microsoft Windows') Microsoft is better than Apple because, people are more familiar with Microsoft Windows rather than Mac OS (Operating System) X. It is easier and cheaper to upgrade Microsoft's software and hardware rather than the Mac PC, and Microsoft's corporation also has much more to offer to the public than Apple Inc.

It is true people are more familiar with Microsoft Windows rather than Apple's Mac OS X. After the release of Microsoft's Windows 3.0 in the 1990's, the Apple corporation fell, and more and more people started purchasing Microsoft's Windows, and forgetting that Apple even had an OS. ('1990-1995: Apple vs. Microsoft in the Enterprise.') While Apple only tried to sell their product to the upper class citizen and top businesses, Microsoft looked for ways to push their software out in any and every possible direction. ('1990-1995: Why the World Went Windows') Due to this renown, Microsoft has gained much business and publicity in both the corporate and public worlds. Today Microsoft Windows is everywhere, in almost every office, and in millions of homes around the world. Also, schools across the United States are running Microsoft Windows on their computer hardware. Microsoft Windows? interface and many of their features greatly differ from that of Apple?s Mac OS X. Since both school systems and most major businesses run Microsoft Windows, it benefits to run Microsoft Windows in your own home instead of Apple?s Mac Os X because it would be more difficult to operate something that one is not familiar with.

Microsoft products have become some of the most affordable and efficient products in the computer industry. Microsoft?s official website offers free and easy installation of new upgrades and updates for your Microsoft software. Also Microsoft Windows offers a free built in firewall, and security against viruses and spyware. All parts for a Microsoft computer are upgradable and interchangeable as long as the required version of Windows is on the PC. Before Apple started using Microsoft software for the Mac PC (also known as the iMac), the only upgradable hardware for an iMac was the RAM (random access memory), therefore, the only option would be to buy an entirely new PC if something went wrong.
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