Competition and rivalry

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Everyone at some point in their life feels rivalry or competition towards others. This greatly affects our ability to comprehend people, and eventually results in hostile behavior and paranoia. This plays a large role throughout the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles; for the main conflict in the novel lies strictly between the main character, Gene, and his intense feelings towards his best friend Phineas; which would later tear their friendship apart. These traits give people a blind eye; they no longer want to understand others. Although competition and rivalry are apart of human nature, it can be a very destructive force.
Competition between peers is an unhealthy thing, for this is the reason Gene and Finny's friendship was torn apart. Gene's mind conceived this idea that he and Finny had a silent rivalry going on, and that "Finny had deliberately set out to wreck" his studies (Knowles53). Gene now believes that he and Finny are jealous of each other and that "the deadly rivalry was on both sides"(Knowles54); reducing their friendship to trickery and hostility. Gene ...
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