Competition: The Magnificent Motivator

Everyone needs to have something that motivates them to keep going, and to reach the goals they have placed. Something that I use a lot, and that is very common is to be competitive with others in certain situations. In the classroom it could be a competition over who can do better on a test, and that would motivate each student involved to strive to get the best grade possible on the test and win. Being competitive is a great way to motivate yourself; there are endless situation in which someone can compete for the greater good for themselves and others.
If there is someone who happens to be a person who isn’t competitive there are multitudes of other ways to get motivated to exceed and surpass goals. Being competitive doesn’t come naturally to all people; maybe not even to a majority of people, but to those who need some extra motivating then learning to compete a little more may help them. I understand there are always going to be people who say that competitiveness goes against wanting to keep the peace, but being competitive doesn’t have to break the peace. There is many a way to be competitive and still be peaceful. I think that people learn the most about how to be competitive and get motivation from observing others around them.
If someone were not motivated to succeed and to surpass the goals you have set, then they have a very high risk of becoming what a lot of people are relating our generation to, and thats just simply somewhat of a burnout. You need to have some sort of motivation to take the next step in your life and to better yourself and your life. There can be dire consequences for someone who has no hunger for success and no motivation to be better than they were yesterday. Those consequences are another thi...

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...ur goals.

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