Competency Identification Assignment

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Identifying Various Roles: A thorough job analysis identifying job roles and responsibilities for all the unique roles is done. A comprehensive role document is developed. The role document is validated using role incumbent and the supervisor’s inputs.
Competency Identification: Various tasks, activities associated with each role are identified. An exhaustive list of all competencies identified for
6 the department is prepared which is called the competency bucket. The identified competencies are categorized as behavioral competency and functional competency. More data is gathered as Role Competencies.
Framework Validation: The competency buckets and role competencies are tabled for an approval. The feedback on the same is received. The final competency buckets and role competencies are prepared.
Executive Assessment: The final Competency bucket and role
Competency are circulated. The supervisors are engaged to evaluate the employee’s Desired and Displayed Proficiency Levels on the various competencies. The RADAR charts for all employees are mapped exhibiting the Desired and Displayed Proficiency Levels.
Gap Identification and Program: For each employee the competencygaps are identified. The training needs are consequently identified. Training needs are consolidated department-wise or project-wise and forwarded to the training team for implementation.
Position Analysis Questionnaire
Section 1
General Information
Name: Aditi Khurana
Date on which this form was filled: 7/2/14
Working job title: Guest Services Agent
Department Name: Front Office
Organization Name: Apex International Hotel
Supervisor Name: Fiona Mctauish

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...nce, lots of emotional labour involved.
What type of equipment, tools, instruments and machines or other similar objects are used?
• Computers are used for almost all operations.
Section 7
Minimum Qualifications
Are there any certifications, licenses or registrations required?
Indicate the minimum level of education that would prepare someone to perform this job.
Under Graduation degree in any stream, preferably in the field of Hospitality
Indicate the minimum number of years of prior experience as well as type of experience needed to be prepared to perform this job.
One year
Section 8
Primary Purpose (Position Objective)
In not more than 3 sentences, answer, why my job exists?
To ensure all the guests have a pleasant stay. To ensure all guests are attended to upon check in and check out. All payments are cleared before the guest leaves the

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