Compensation Cases and Their Impact on China and Japan

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History and the notion of compensation are two key aspects in the study of Sino-Japanese relations. During the 1980s, the opening up by the People’s Republic of China’s government about war atrocities led a number of victims to seek reparations and apologies from Japan. Compensation cases were brought forward from the 1990s and broke the silence about what had ‘truly’ happened during the war. Moreover, the rapid spread of new information about the past prompted increased tensions between the two countries that had previously ignored the issue in order to privilege economic and diplomatic cooperation. To date, the affiliation between China and Japan seems to have deteriorated significantly and history is one of the main matters addressed in discussions of current affairs. However, the interdependence between the two countries is undeniable, both governments have benefited from each other considerably and even though most compensation cases have resulted in failure, they have also had a slightly positive effects on the people, which shows signs of possible reconciliation. This paper will look at the compensation cases and their impact on China and Japan and how they have ultimately hindered the reconciliation process between both countries; even though public awareness could be seen as a hopeful step forward towards peace and friendship.

First of all, it is important to note that after the end of the Second World War, the People’s Republic of China (China) and Japan engaged in a certain number of treaties and agreements in order to promote diplomatic relations and economic cooperation. The 1970s marked a decade of harmony between both countries, where the attempts to move forward and rebuild society was fierce and reconciliatio...

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