Comparsion of Three Renaissance Paintings and Sculptures

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The Renaissance was big part of the past era even today we still have festivals celebrating the Renaissance. I am going to compare and contrast the difference between three different paintings and sculptures that were a big part of the Renaissance era.
The Limbourg brothers were both born in the Netherlands, but worked in France. They featured calendars of religious feast days; these calendars are richly embellished with finely detailed scenes of activities and tasks associated with certain months and seasons of the year. In the first painting called May, you can see a parade of aristocratic gentleman and ladies who have come out in their bright and colorful, bejeweled costumes to celebrate the first day of May. In the painting you can see all the people having a good time singing and playing instruments. The women and men are gathered together in dance like form and riding on their horses. “The exquisite paintings in this book illustrate scenes and tasks connected with months of the calendar year, along with their astrological sings” (pg 378). In the background of the painting you can see the medieval palace of the Louvre, which you can still today at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In the Limbourg bothers other painting called February you can see the peasant women gather to warm themselves by a fire in a small cottage. Then you see all the sheep gathering together in a stall trying to keep warm. “A young girl in a pink dress and a shawl, bracing against the cold, stumbles through the snow toward home, her icy breath hanging in the air” (pg 378). You also see a man and a donkey walking up the snowy hill towards the small snow covered town. These painting are complete opposite and you can see how bad the weather changes in just a co...

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...he brink of adulthood, captured at that moment when, the Greeks say, sound mind and sound body are one; and another full-grown youth, caught in the midst of action, at the threshold of his destiny as king (pg 399).
As you can see there were many different types or art in the Renaissance era. Many artists were doing the same work, but seeing it completely different and making it their own. The first exampled I gave you of May and February were paintings of calendars depicting different times of the months. Then you have a competition where two artists do the same panels, but describe the time in different ways. Then you have all the sculptures of David which was a huge part of the Renaissance. Each figure and explained completely different the very first figure looking like a little boy and then going to a very manly figure with a strong jaw line and chiseled abs.

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