Comparsion of Malysia and the United Kingdom

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Ever since I started my Bachelor Degree in Teesside University, everything over here is a brand new experience for me who never went over 6,522 miles from my home country, Malaysia. United Kingdom and Malaysia are two countries of approximately the same size, which is 243,610km² for United Kingdom and 328,550km² for Malaysia. However, people from both countries are having a major difference in food, religion, architecture and culture. In this essay, I am going to discuss about the comparison between my home country, Malaysia and the country where I study abroad, which is the United Kingdom.

Malaysia is a country with multi-ethnic groups and practices religion freedom. One of the main differences between Malaysia and United Kingdom is the religion practiced by the local people. First of all, Malaysia is made up of three main ethnic groups included Malays, Chinese and Indians. Malays are the most population of Malaysia which is occupying up to half of the population compares to other ethnics, and more than 99% of the Malays in Malaysia are Muslim. The Malays are believed in the core religion for Muslim which is also known as Islam. However, the Chinese and Indians do have a strong believe and faith for their own religion despite of the Muslim has occupied the largest community in our country. Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity are the main religion for Chinese and Indians, and we attain to have different kind of prayer’s hall in Malaysia such as mosque, temples and churches (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2012). On the other hand, the Christian in United Kingdom has occupied a large population at 71% of the citizens in the country. The rest of the citizens are the minor religion groups of Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Si...

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...hile Malaysian food is prepared to stimulate the taste buds with spices and fragrance.

In conclusion, Malaysia is very different to United Kingdom. Both of these two countries have their own uniqueness in terms of religion, traditional architecture and also the food. These differences are mainly caused by the culture and history of the certain country, which makes the world a more interesting place to be explored and observed. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” (St. Augustine) The world always remains as a mystery unless we explored it by travelling to the place and get to know the culture. I am grateful that I could have the opportunity to look at the different culture and people other than my home country, Malaysia. People should always be prepared and have an opened mind set to accept and see new things from the entire world.

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