Comparison of Security Softwares

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1.0 Introduction
Norton 360 and McAfee total protection 2013, are top line security softwares for Windows based computers, from Symantec and McAfee Inc. Both these softwares are all-in-one computer security suite, meaning, they include antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware/anti-malware. Apart from these three basic security tools, these top line softwares come with many other features built into them.
2.0 Norton 360
As mentioned earlier, Norton 360 includes antivirus, firewall and antispyware among numerous other features. The capability of this software is discussed below.

This all-in-one security software also includes back-up to Blu-ray and iPod. The new version also contains many improvements that will protect the computer against current and future internet threats.

Norton 360 includes new protection technology that allows users to browse even more secure. As a novelty, Browser Protection, Symantec's patent-pending browser protection that protects against new and unknown threats that exploit vulnerabilities in the browser. The program is also very user friendly so great knowledge of computers and IT is not required in order to use it. To maximize protection solutions, the software includes additional services such as backup and restore, browser-based protection and needs-based heuristic techniques in a user friendly interface.

It also includes Symantec's SONAR technology that protects against malware. So users can be sure that they have a complete protection against Internet threats such as the recent Trojan Silent Banker, which is completely invisible to the user and is used to hijack bank accounts.

More secure banking and online store ping with Norton Identity Protection
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...astest installation but at the same time it is not as slow as other antivirus. McAfee appears to have fixed the suite's problems with oversensitivity toward competing security suite files that could force it to abort installation. Notably, the suite no longer requires the computer to reboot. McAfee provides a solid list of standard security features like antivirus and antimalware protection, a two-way firewall, anti spam measures, real-time safeguards, parental controls, and search-result rankings. However, none of the features are properly executed.
According to Clayton Vallabhan, McAfee Total Protection has plenty of security tools and protects against malware well enough, but once an infection takes place, it’s not good at removing it. He add that the interface is not so intuitive, and the security suite itself best suits security mavens but not the casual users.
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