Comparison of SDLC's

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Benediktsson et al. (2006) designed a multiproject experiment to determine if more modern software development methodologies should be utilized in lieu of the standard waterfall method. Following our recent downward economy and staffing reductions this study has again become very relevant as project managers search for ways to stretch IT budgets while still delivering quality products. Before this experiment no research existed comparing these different methodologies to quantify their success or failure in an effort to discover the best method. Since the early 70's software development has typically followed a “Sequential” approach to design. The most common model, known as the waterfall model, is a step-by-step linear model. Each step is completed in order and then handed over to the next step. This model begins with a thorough requirements analysis and continues through design, testing, validation, implementation, and finally maintenance. The success of projects using this model depends heavily on accurate requirements gathering at the beginning of the project. The model do...

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