Comparison of Native Son and Mocking Bird Novels

Comparison of Native Son and Mocking Bird Novels


The two novels have several similarities and differences. Richard Wright wrote native Son, and it talked about racism against an African American man. On the other hand, Harper Lee wrote Mockingbird, which is set up in a small town. The two writers used different styles of writing to portray their stand against racism. This makes the two novels different in the way they pass their message. However, Wright passes his stand against racism in a direct manner than Harper. Racism is a contentious issue in the society and people must address it. Many people have written books that warn societies against practicing this vice. Discriminating people against their race or skin color is prevalent in many societies. The two writers used their novels to warn people against accommodating it because it propagates violence. Racism is a vice that people must address collectively.


The two books involve trial of a black man who serves a jail term for murder. However, in the two novels, racism played a crucial role in determining their fate. They society had convicted them guilty even before trial because of their race. Many people in the world have experienced unfair treatment because of their race. Discriminating people against their skin color is an ordinary thing in communities. The writers reveal to an audience how the black men could not access justice because of their race (Wright, 2010, p. 3). In the book written by Wright, the man was not guilty, but he had to serve imprisonment because of race. They show how people suffer in for no good reason because of their background.

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...n immorality that people should eradicate in the world. They should not allow it to derail peaceful coexistence of communities. The two books have similarities in that they both focus on discrimination against black men whose destiny was determined by race. However,


there are striking differences in the style of writing adopted by the two writers. Wright is a realist and adopts a direct approach that harshly and sternly warns people against racism. On the other hand, Harper embraces a poetic style that does not harshly warn people against racism.


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