Comparison between Tony Kytes and The Seduction

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Comparison between Tony Kytes and The Seduction


Both Tony Kytes and The Seduction deal with relationships between

young men and girls. Both tell of the ways in which the men manipulate

the girls, gaining what they want at the girls' expenses. They both

detail the insensitive treatment of the girls and explore the

attitudes towards sex, marriage and the opposite sex from both the

male and female point of views.

Tony Kytes is a humorous account of a young man called Tony and his

encounter with three prospective young women whilst driving his cart

back from the nearby market. The first is sly and worms her way into

Tony's affections. However his fiance Milly appears and Tony requests

Unity to hide under the tarpaulin in the back of the cart to avoid a

difficult confrontation. Milly arrives and climbs aboard the cart, yet

they have not travelled far before Tony spies another pretty girl,

namely Hannah Jolliver. This time he persuades Milly to hide in the

back of the cart and she too consents. Hannah requests a lift and

openly flirts with him, making Tony wonder about who he really wants

to marry.

He notices his Father, who offers some good advice - that he should

marry the one girl who didn't ask for a lift (Milly), Tony immediately

disregards it. Meanwhile the horse has run off, tipping the cart over

and revealing all three girls, forcing Tony to make a quick decision.

He asks Hannah, who refuses him due to her father's presence. Unity is

asked next, but she refuses him, as she was only second choice. Tony

then requests Milly's hand in marriage, she accepts; they get married

shortly afterwards.

The Seduction is a rather different account of yet another encounter

between a young man; this time only one female is involved. Set in

Tyneside in 1980's it describes a meeting between a young man and a

young girl at a party, and the ensuing aftermath. At the party the

girl is plied with alcohol, which makes her more and more relaxed,

till finally the man takes her to a favourite spot of his by the river

where he takes advantage of her alcohol-fuelled state.

When the girl realises she is three months pregnant she is devastated.

She realises that she can no longer be the innocent girl she was and

can no longer look forward to carefree summers with her friends. She

recognises that she will not get to experience teenage life in the

same way again and is mortified by this.

Tony Kytes is set in the 1800's in a rural Wessex farming community.

We know it is a farming community due to the references of " the
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