Comparison between Judaism and Christianity

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Comparison between Judaism and Christianity

Christianity and Judaism are two religions which share an origin. Abraham is the father of faith of both Christians and Judaists. The two religions are based on the Old Testament; however, Judaism has refused to acknowledge the New Testament. It is said that is a Judaist accepts Christianity, and then become complete. However, if a pagan accepts Christianity, they are converted because they do not have the basis that is provided by Judaism. Both Christianity and Judaism believe in the existence of heaven and hell. Both religion follow the same ethical code and believe that God had the same plan for salving the fallen race. The two religions also preach of the sinfulness of the humankind and, its consequences and the righteous judgment of God (Avery-Peck & Neusner 2009). Nevertheless, despite the fact that Christianity and Judaism have several similarities, they have a wide range of differences in their beliefs, teaching and practices.
One of the major differences between Christianity and Judaism is based on their belief of God. According to Judaism, there is only one supreme God who is the true creator and existed before the earth and will continue to exist. There is no one that ever existed before God. Christianity belief of God is different from that of Judaism in the fact that there is one God who works together with the son and the spirit. Although Jesus is the son of God, he is a God in his own right. The concept of Christianity of God is that he is all powerful but at the same time a merciful and forgiving God. Judaism does not believe in the holy trinity. In addition, the two religions have differences on their beliefs on salvation (Avery-Peck & Neusner 20...

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...aism, polygamy was allowed for a long time before the 13th century. However, Judaists practice monogamy in the modern day.
It has been observed that Christianity and Judaism have several similarities which come from the fact that they share a common origin. Nevertheless, they differ greatly in their concept of God, salvation, marriage, rules followed, rituals and their belief about final judgment and having one’s name written in the book of life.

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  • Compares christianity and judaism, stating that christians are saved when they accept jesus as the only atonement for sin.
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