Comparison: The Tainos, Mayans, and Kalinagos

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The ancestors of the indigenous peoples (Amerindians) were originally from Central East Asia and came across by means of the land and ice bridge which connected Siberia and Alaska at the time in the area what is now known as the Bering Strait to North America during the ice Age about 50,000 years ago They were nomadic peoples who followed their Food and this is presented as a Factor that accounted for them wandering from Asia into North America. Some continued to the east and settled in the cold sub artic regions others Wandered southward through North, Central and South America, Evolving distinct physical and cultural characteristics. Three distinct groups developed societies in parts of the Caribbean and in Central and South Americas. The Tainos were located in Jamaica. Hispaniola, Cuba, Puerto Rico and some parts of the Bahamas and Trinidad. The Kalinagos in Grenada, Tobago, St Vincent, St Kitts and Nevis, Puerto Rico ,Hispaniola and Trinidad . The Mayans were located in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. These societies were organized primarily on a political, religious, economic and social basis (Amerindians to Africans 3rd edition, Dyde et al.2008) Political lives The Mayans They Lived in independent city-states and they had a rigid class system. Each class had its own duties and rights down to clothing and accessories. Each city state had ... ... middle of paper ... ...The Mayans were polytheistic and they believed in many manifestations of their one God Kunabku and these manifestations looked over everything. Priests were appointed not only through their religious commitment but also thought their literacy level. The Halach Uinic was also referred to as the K’uhul Ajaw which refers to Holy Lord/ Ruler which demonstrates the close association between the king and God and in turn State and Religion. The Mayans also believed in ancestor worship and communication performed by the Halach Uinic and priests during their hallucinations. Bloodletting was also an activity practiced by the Mayans as a means of sacrifice towards their God and as worship. It was drained from captives in war and prisoners but a nobles’ blood was especially treasured and used on special occasions Works Cited (sharma, 1996)(Figueredo, 2008; Brian Dyde, 2008)
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