Comparison Of The Black Mamba Vs. King James

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Black Mamba vs. King James
NBA Basketball is a sport that the players and viewers adore whenever the game is being played. The intensity and aggression keeps both the player and the viewer captivated. Basketball is one of those sports that I can watch all day long and holler without getting tired. One of my favorite basketball teams is the Los Angeles Lakers, and my favorite player is Kobe Bryant. A basketball team that I despise deeply is the Miami Heat, and can’t leave out their beloved LeBron James out of the equation. These two athletes are personally the best in the NBA League. Although they bear some similarities, the differences between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are how their childhood/ education, personal life, and NBA career.
Kobe grew up around basketball since his father was a professional NBA player. Every time his father “Jellybean Joe” had a game, Kobe would attend and tried not to miss a game. Instantly, Kobe would challenge himself by studying his father’s moves, and imitate the moves he had studied. Kobe’s grandparents encouraged his dreams about playing basketball and would mail him NBA games and Kobe would study the tapes as well (“JockBio: Kobe Bryant Biography”). During his high school year, Kobe joined his school’s basketball team and led his team to the championship. Because of his authentic skills and keeping up with his grades, he was able to come out of high school and prepare for the NBA Draft.
Kobe married the beautiful Vanessa Laine in April 2001, she was 19 years old and he was 21 years old (Kobe Bryant Biography). For them and their families that was a special moment, even though Vanessa’s parents thought she was too young to be getting married at a young age. After two years of them being ma...

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...t was trying to stay alive against the San Antonio Spurs. Luckily, they pulled a NBA championship against the veterans which gave Miami Heat victory.
There are similarities and differences when it comes to these two icons childhood. Black Mamba and King James both started at an early age with being interested in basketball. They both played basketball on their high school basketball teams scoring immensely and leading their teams to victory and after high school went straight to the NBA Draft. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James both are married to two beautiful women and they also have two children. The only difference about their children is that Kobe has two girls and LeBron has two boys. Finally, their NBA career is a tremendous difference when it comes to peers. Kobe has accomplished more because he is older but LeBron has also accomplished quite a bit for his age.