Comparison Of The American Dream In She's Not There: A Life In Two Genders

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Jennifer Boylan’s novel, She’s Not There; A Life In Two Genders, describes the reality of coping with living a life as a transgendered individual, and how this transition in one’s life effects family and friends. Boylan’s colorful and diverse life is a perfect example of the evolving American Dream of self-exploration, and individuality. The American Dream has been an ever changing idea which, over several decades has transformed into something which is much different from when it began. This transformation is very similar to the one that Boylan experienced herself. Boylan’s story is both inspirational and heartbreaking, after living several decades of her life, deceiving her friends, family, and colleagues Boylan finally decided and break…show more content…
Until recently with new figures such as Laverne Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner stepping forward and publicly displaying their new identities, it has been an issue which is generally ignored. Constantly being scrubbed away as if it is some stain we cannot afford to look upon for fear of our own reputations. Boylan, for a very long time, was caught in the situation of being herself, and being moral. Which at the time in America, was a profound idea, being born in the wrong body, we are God’s gift after all. But what would the American Dream defend more? Individuality and freedom of speech and religion are important ideas which have been vitally important to us as a country, but also sticking with morality and tradition are as well. This eternal cycle is what delayed Boylan in her transition, due to fear of what others may think of her. Recently that idea has changed, we are now learning to accept new ideas, to diversify our nation into becoming more respectable and loving. No one should have to live their life in fear simply because of who they…show more content…
Boylan and her wife wanted to make it very clear to their children what their father was planning to become. Surprisingly the children took the news very well, insisting that they call their father, “Maddy” rather than, “Daddy.” Although Boylan has a very unconventional family, they are still a strong family nonetheless. Her children were allowed to express themselves however they chose and turned into two very well rounded individuals, which can be said is better than what some children in a conventional home setting have grown up with. Boylan is also another example of how the idea of family has evolved in America, no longer does a family consist of a mother, father, two children, and a dog, but rather a myriad of different genders, ethnicities, and religions. No one wants to live a life of fear anymore, and when we are told we are free, we feel applies to the freedom of expression. If I’m gay, that’s what I am, and there’s not changing it, it’s a characteristic a part of me as much as my arm is a part of my body. Similar to if we are born into the wrong body, as Boylan was. As America makes great strides towards diversity and begins accepting ideas, Boylan’s book is a perfect example of such progression in our nation. Shame is an agenda listed in the American Dream, and nor should it ever

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