Comparison Of Stalin As A Dystopia In 1984

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Healey Cayabyab
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Professor Eastwood
Stalin’s “Utopia” Communism, as Karl Marx puts it, is a world where everyone is equal, where there are no social class, where there are no private ownership, where work is used only to produce the necessities, the people are under a control in which allows them to be on the same level as everyone else. What Stalin wanted to do was create and fulfill the governmental system of Karl Marx and create and envision the utopia that Karl Marx was led to believe. Under Stalin’s rule we come to see that his vision of a utopia quickly warps into a dystopia.
What the society Josef Stalin had made was in Soviet Russia in the U.S.S.R. What came to be the U.S.S.R. Stalin had learned from the Bolshevik
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The era of Stalin would be conceived as a utopia, but may be seen as a dystopia. The similarities between 1984 and Stalin’s communist and totalitarian reign is that there are always posters of big brother referring to Stalin. The Thought Police would be considered the NKVD. The Ministry of Love is the NKVD Headquarters where torture and brainwashing is held. The Proles are the russian people undergoing starvation and continuous labor through Stalin’s five year plan.Through all the pain and suffering seen in the novel, it comes to light when the people of Russia go through same exact thing. They are controlled by fear and are scared to be exiled to the NKVD or sent to the Gulags for intensive labor and captivity. The thought police,NKVD, patrols russia and rules it with an iron fist and turns anyone goes against the power of Stalin. (Moss). The regime of Stalin and his policies stated that the main purpose of this country was to destroy and rebuild to have a rapid industrialization, five years plan, the centralized state and the collectivization or harvesting of all farms and agriculture to feed all of the country at once.(Robinson 12) The success of the whole plan and policies placed in Soviet Russia was a hard one to actually integrate with the people and the government itself. (“Stalinism”)The peak of the plan was the first year and after that, it all went into a drastic

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