Comparison Of Revenge In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Throughout the entire story of Hamlet there was a main theme. Sons trying to get revenge for their father’s murders. Both Laertes and Hamlet thought that they must avenge their father’s murder, however, their murders could not have been more different. Hamlet’s father was murdered out of cold blood by his brother Claudius who wanted to be king. Polonius, however, was murdered by Hamlet thinking that he was Claudius. Polonius put himself into that predicament though by spying on Hamlet. Thereby Laertes was not so much justified in trying to kill his father’s murderer as misinformed about what really had happened. King Hamlet was a great man according to Hamlet and never did anything even remotely deserving of death. So Hamlet was better justified in his quest to get revenge for his father’s murder.
Let’s start with King Hamlet’s murder. In the beginning of the play we learn about King Hamlet’s death. Now everyone thought he was killed by a snake while he was sleeping in his garden. So
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For instance, they both love their fathers to the point of seeking revenge on the ones who killed them. Laertes went ahead and raised an army to go against Claudius who he thought was the one who had killed his father. That shows that he cared greatly and wanted to avenge him. Hamlet likewise went to great extents for his father. He faked insanity so that no one would be suspicious of him trying to kill Claudius. He rigged the play to try and get Claudius to admit his crime. Another similarity between the two is that they are both very well skilled in fencing. Now this ties into Laertes getting revenge for his father’s in that Claudius set up a fencing match against Hamlet and Laertes as an extra precaution says “I’ll touch my point with this contagion, that if I gall him slightly, it may be death.” (4.7.160-162) So he plans to dip the end of his sword in poison so that if Hamlet receives even a scratch he will be
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