Comparison Of Poverty In Rwanda

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There are many countries that are struggling with poverty. The people within the countries are trying to support their family with little to nothing. One of those countries that is going through poverty is Rwanda. Poverty within a country has to have an origin with reasons why they are in the financial situation that they are. Many of us are familiar with the country of Rwanda. When the Rwandan country is brought up, the Rwandan genocides are the first thing that come to many people’s minds. However, the country had to start somewhere to lead up to this horrible event. The main reason why this was happening was due to poverty. Poverty is a significant issue in developing countries. Rwanda is a country that struggles with hunger and poverty.…show more content…
The poorer individuals were mainly those who lived in rural locations. The country fell behind in development because they had too many people and not enough space or resources to support them. The poor are poor because the Hutus are taking their land and belongings in order to make themselves become wealthier. Poverty is perpetuated because people keep reproducing, so overpopulation continues to be an issue. Rwanda was being exploited for resources such as the land that they owned. Rwanda began as a colony; however, was then developed into an imperialistic country. The country depends on aid from developed countries, as their economic system cannot support itself alone. Rwanda is slowly developing; however, it would take quite a bit of time to reach the full potential of modernization. According to an article by An Ansoms stating the economic aspects of the country, Rwanda’s poverty has decreased and the country’s recovery from the Civil War has been “exceptional” (Ansoms, 2005). The geographical cause of poverty was because farming was the main source of revenue for the country and land was becoming scarce in rural areas. People didn’t have enough ground to…show more content…
According to the OEC, Rwanda’s largest export is are metals such as niobium, tantalum, vanadium and zirconium ore and the largest import is cars (Simoes). According to World Bank, Rwanda’s GNP is currently at 17.09 billion dollars (World Bank). From an article by Susan Garnett Russell, the Rwandan genocides were the turning point in educational policy and development (Russell, 2015). Technology was lacking, causing farming and agricultural advancements to be at a stand-still. Most of Rwanda’s peoples were of the Roman Catholic religion. The population pressure in Rwanda were very strong. Rwanda is already a country struggling with overpopulation, so this is a serious issue. According to the Center on Law and Globalization, women in Rwanda have never been equal to men and after the genocides, it became worse than it was before. The opportunities for women were slim, including minimal education and job opportunities and they were not able to participate in political events unless her husband approved of it (CLG). The conquest was the enforcement of Hutu people to eliminate the Tutsi group. This was due to the

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