Comparison Of Neo Vs In The Cave By Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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As stated by Wachowskis the Matrix is a contemporary adaptation of “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. The similarity can simply be seen between the prisoners in the cave and the people that live in the Matrix. As the wall in the cave depicts the life that people in the matrix have, nothing is truly real but to the eye of the spectator it is. If one grows up in a world that seems to be authentic they will adapt to the environment, which will make it very difficult to escape, that is why when Neo was pulled out of the Matrix he couldn’t accept what he perceived, this brings another point of comparison that Neo can be compared to the hypothetical prisoner that escapes the cave. Neo being an anagram of “One” is said to be chosen, he is the prophecy that was promised and in the cave the prisoner is the one that sees the reality, he is the one that sees the sun and finds the true light. But other prisoners are confronted by puppeteers in the cave. The resemblance between the puppeteers and the agents is clearly visible as both try control existence…show more content…
The puppeteers create the shadows on the walls and the agents are part of the computer that creates the Matrix. But if the world that one lives in is fake then what is real? Plato describes this reality with theory of Form. This theory explains that what is perceived in life is just a copy of the non-material abstract ideas, from a realm of unchangeable creation that is not perceived through senses. Reality is the objects that can be seen under the sunlight, not the shadows in the cave, but how does an individual accept that? What if there is a reality a further than what is seen or felt? For Plato the ultimate reality is the realm of Forms, a world that’s everlasting and fixed, one that is filled with the abstract ideas of things instead of their imitation that is duplicated and changed over

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