Comparison Of Mozart And Beethoven

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Mozart had a profound effect on Beethoven’s musical style and innovation. Beethoven’s life was filled with inspirations of Mozart. Mozart was a prominent and illustrious individual of Beethoven’s time. Beethoven stated, “I have always counted myself amongst the greatest admirers of Mozart and I shall remain so until my last breath” (superbclassicalmusic). Beethoven never intended on becoming serious with his music until he heard the wondrous works of Mozart and his colleague, Joseph Haydn.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, along with Joseph Haydn, had made a great deal of masterpieces in their time. Joseph Haydn stated to Leopold Mozart, “Before God and as an honest man, your son is the greatest composer I know, either personally or by name” (ipl2).
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As Mozart grew older he wrote more musical pieces. He wrote these pieces not to be played with childish skill, but with seriousness and delicateness. Mozart’s music had evolved into an overarching style. In this innovation mode, one could listen to Mozart’s music and it would,supposedly raise one’s IQ (“Mozart vs Beethoven”). With the innovation that Mozart added to his music, it changed how concerts were organized. Originally, a symphony was the introduction to a concert. Now, thanks to Mozart, a symphony has its own concert and receives its own…show more content…
As life went by, Mozart realized his health was failing and he was getting sick. As Beethoven found out, he decided to be independent in his music career. Mozart was more known for the father of the classical period. Mozart’s music during the classical period was prolific. Beethoven knew and loved Mozart’s music for its pureness and eloquence of it. In the article, the author stated, “Mozart and Beethoven stand at the heart of western classical music” (“Onedemand”). Beethoven was inspired by Mozart to learn the music of the classical era, and had perfected it, so he moved to the romantic era. Mozart inspired Beethoven to learn both eras so he would become more valuable. Beethoven influenced the transition of western music to romantic music. “Beethoven is viewed as a transitional figure between the Classical and Romantic eras of musical history” (“Beethoven”). In the romantic era, Beethoven was loved for his emotion and feelings in his music. He is also viewed as the father of the romantic
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