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In Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace”, Mathidle is unhappy with the life she currently has. Furthermore, Mathidle is always striving to be like her “rich” friends. Even though Mathidle’s husband tries extremely hard to please Mathidle, Mathidle is always unsatisfied with her materialistic wealth in the beginning of her life. Likewise, Mathidle is an object-oriented idealist who momentarily escapes reality only to experience a tragic loss and eventually finds happiness through her journey. One of the first characteristics readers see of Mathidle is her longingness for a wealthy lifestyle. Even though she didn’t marry a “…rich and distinguished man…”, she is married. Her husband tries to do everything in his power to make her happy. She wants …show more content…

She lets go of her dreams to be in a higher social class and accepts who she really is. In the story, Mathidle is described as “…the woman of impoverished households…with frowsy hair, skirts askew, and red hands…” Maupassant reveals that she has accepted herself in this way because she is not ashamed to be seen in public because she is seen by her friend, whom she borrowed the necklace from, and went up to her and spoke with confidence. The friend hardly recognized her this way. The friend asked how she had become so old in such a short amount of time, and she explained that she and her husband had to work very hard for the past ten years to pay for the replacement necklace. Her friend, shocked, tells Mathidle that the necklace she had borrowed was “paste” (73). In this moment she realizes telling the truth is valuable because if she would have just been honest about the situation in the first the friend would have understood. The friend probably would not have even gotten mad because the necklace was not real diamonds to begin with. Along with finding herself through manual labor, she finds the value of telling the truth and how beneficial telling the truth can

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mathidle in guy de maupassant's "the necklace" is unhappy with her life and striving to be like her "rich" friends.
  • Analyzes how mathidle's longing for a wealthy lifestyle is one of the first characteristics readers see of her.
  • Analyzes how mathidle escapes reality and over comes an unfortunate defeat. she danced with intoxication, with passion, made drunk by pleasure, forgetting all, in the triumph of her beauty.
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