Comparison Of Human Nature In Feed And Wall-E

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A duo of Vast Broken Worlds Human Nature in Feed and Wall-E Human nature is an interesting aspect of humanity and the way people live, behave and react. Human nature is something each individual possesses giving them unique traits as well as common ones. By comparing M.T. Anderson’s FEED and Disney’s “Wall-E” there will be a better understanding of human nature and what it prevails in terms of Destruction, Romance, and Trends. The future of humanity is said to lead to the world's end making humanity itself leaders of destruction. By comparing the novel and film a clear understanding will be made of just how destructive humans can be. Wall-E is a film based on an apocalyptic world where life once thrived…show more content…
People in this world are so dependent on their FEED “a device that was a revolution” that they don't notice the decaying world around them. The society killed off most of the resources in their world. They even managed to pollute the moon as quoted on page four ...Craters all being full of old broken shit, like domes nobody’s using anymore and wrappers and claws pg 4. Most of the animals were genetically modified like cows that were modified to be plants that grow beef. By comparing FEED to “Wall-E” we can really see just how much they have in common. Trends are also something that has a major impact on their…show more content…
There is the romance between Wall-E and Eve as well as John and Mary. Wall-E and Eve meet after Eve is sent to earth to look for any remaining plant life, not much later Wall-E saves Eve from a colossal wind storm, Wall-E then proceeds to show Eve his collection of human items.Wall-E shows Eve the plant he found and she takes it and manually shuts down sending a signal to her ship to come and retrieve her so she can finish her mission. During the time of her shut down and the ship retrieving her Wall-E takes her on a romantic journey that Wall-E will never forget. In the case of John and Mary they meet after Mary bumps into him and shuts his phone off this then turns into a romance scene were the two are in the pool and are splashing each other. FEED shares a similar romance to that of John and

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