Comparison Of 'Guys Vs. Men' By Michael Kimmel And Dave Barry

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Throughout millenniums, people have tried to figure out the causation for human behaviors. Michael Kimmel and Dave Barry have written pieces focusing on this subject, particularly about men. In the excerpt “‘Bros Before Hos’: The Guy Code” from Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, he wrote that men act they way they do due to other men’s judgements. In the introduction “Guys vs. Men” from Dave Barry’s humor book Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys, he wrote that guys act they way they do because of strong internal drives and lack of deep thought. Although both Kimmel and Barry have similar views on the actions of men, they have different approaches to the reasoning behind their actions: Kimmel believes they are caused by fear of breaking societal norms, and Barry believes they are caused by guys’ internal drives. Both Kimmel and Barry listed set characteristics or rules of being a guy. Kimmel listed a set of rules that he called “Real Guy’s Top Ten List”. His list can be condensed to one cardinal rule: Show no emotion, yet be better than all other men. He created this by interviewing men and looking at Robert Brannon’s four rules of masculinity. Brannon’s list also refuted emotion and promotes superiority. Barry took a different stance; he gives a list of characteristics: “Guys Like Neat Stuff,” “Guys Like a Really Pointless Challenge,” and “Guys Do Not Have a Rigid and Well-Defined Moral Code”. Rather than listing rules as Kimmel did, Barry gave characteristics guys have. His points were summarized in his first paragraph: “One of the major characteristics of guyhood is that we don’t spend a lot of time pondering our deep innermost feelings”. This statement was reinforced throughout his introd... ... middle of paper ... ...wrote that women created the “Basic Human Moral Code” and try to force it on men but are not successful. Lastly, he wrote that men often cheat on their partners, which would therefore hurt women. Both writers pointed out that some actions and beliefs of men would negatively affect women. Kimmel and Barry share similar views on how a guy should act, but they have different views on what causes them. Both writers outlined rules or actions guys follow. Kimmel wrote that guys act they way they do because of the judgements of other men. Barry, however, wrote that guys have strong internal drives that cause their actions. The pieces bring light to societal issues that affect all people in our culture. Both bring up negative effects on society and the individual men. Therefore, their works help readers to see how they and others are affected by gender roles and stereotypes.

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