Comparison Of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Monsters are creatures that don’t fit into society. Some don’t try to hide themselves, but some on the other hand do. Since society doesn’t accept them, they try to find a way to fit in society’s image. Even when monsters try to hide their true identity, society makes them who they actually are by pushing them back to their monstrous state. Several monsters that go through this are Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Edward Cullen.
In the story Frankenstein, Frankenstein creates a creature. So the creature doesn’t know any better than to think that he is a regular human being. But, he is not he is very different from normal humans. His appearance is the first thing that you can notice about him that is monstrous. He has all
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Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a little different then Frankenstein in a way that the monster isn’t identified as a monster as much for his appearance as he is for his actions. Dr. Jekyll was a scientist and as a scientist he had to keep a good name but he didn’t want to be good he want to be bad. So, he decided he would have two personalities. Thinking that if he had two personalities he could be good and evil. He made a potion that transforms himself into a man without a conscience. So, He could do all those bad things that he wanted to do but then had a way to cover it up by saying it was someone else. Eventually this plan got out of hand. Having two personalities of Dr. Jekyll being the good doctor and then Mr. Hyde being the murder, he started not being able to control when he was Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. He fears that he will turn into Mr. Hyde permanently. Society doesn’t except this because your not supposed to be two different people. Trying to be two different people is monstrous because that just doesn’t happen and him to think that is okay is monstrous. Also, for him to murder people makes him a monster. By Dr. Jekyll’s friend starting to get suspicious about this situation drive Dr. Jekyll to worry. Then, he turns back to Mr. Hyde and thinks it’s a good idea to kill himself. So, society drove his monstrosity to kill himself, which made him to continue to be a monster. Having two identities is not only monstrous but it’s psychological. (Dr. Jekyll and…show more content…
Also, in a way that if a monster tries not to be a monster it will always be one. This is because monsters have traits that normal people in society don’t have. So, by being different society doesn’t accept their identity. Even when monsters try to hide their true identity, society makes them who they actually are by pushing them back to their monstrous state. In this world there are all kinds of monsters some not understanding why they are monsters so they don’t see themselves as monsters. And some that know they are monsters and don’t have to hide it because society doesn’t see them as monsters. Monstrosity is a real thing and even people can be portrayed as monsters, because of there actions. A monster will always be a monster no matter how hard they try to hide their
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