Comparison Of Christian Socialism In A Token For Children And The Christmas Carol

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Children’s Literature has been a way for Children’s to have hope. To believe in something that would help them find peace in Heaven, because of all the suffering that was happening around them. But it didn’t just help Children it also helped Adults save their own souls from themselves. Two text that support this is A Token for Children by James Janeway, and also The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In these two text not only does it show the suffering of children’s, but they connect because they both show that they lived by the teachings of Christianity. In this essay my goals is to show the difference and the similarities, and why it’s connected to the suffering and also saving the souls of children and adults, that is shown in A Token…show more content…
Christian Socialism is about the teaching of Jesus, and they believed that people that was capitalist to be greedy, selfish, and idolized money, and that’s what Scrooge personality represented. This also connects to The Christmas Carol, because Christian Socialism was about doing good, to help those in need, and also to change social structure by bring everyone together and not apart. Just like Scrooge he represented someone from a high class, and because he changed his ways he change the social structure by letting everyone see what other people that was wealthy like him, could of do for those that needed help. As we learned in the class readings, There was The Movement of the 19th century that wanted to create “God’s Kingdom on Earth”, Dickens wanted to show that heaven can be made on earth, and not just waiting for you to die to be able to go to God’s…show more content…
In A Token for Children, they awaken children to believe in something, to believe that there was a place without suffering or pain. Also that there was a God out there that would take their suffering away. Children at this time called out to him for help because they couldn’t deal with the diseases that was spreading through their bodies, also the pain that they had to live with. In A Token for Children, I believe that due to their circumstances they just choose to have faith in what they had been told, and believe there was a better place for them. They believed in a heaven and a hell, you lived a life good then you go to
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