Comparison Of Charles Beard And John Rouche

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Charles Beard…and John Rouche similarly put out scholarly articles critiquing the constitution about the intention of the Framers at the time. Though Rouche did releasae his work a lot later than Beard, it was still as effective. Beard, on one side, appeals mostly to an emotional side with his article. It’s very clear while reading that he is passionate about the subject at hand and that the Framers did things only to further and protect themselves. He then goes on in his work telling the reader why they did these things and what they should have done. Rouche, however, took a step back and looked at it from a logical point. Not only did he mention Beard in his article, but he had many other professors and well known scholarly written works in his paper. He did not let his feelings get in the way of his…show more content…
He did not want it to seem like he was unprepared or how he only wanted the reader to just see the facts. Rouche wrote about how the Constitution was both “Not a practical success” and a “Vivid demonstration of effective democratic political action, and of the forging of a national elite which literally persuaded its country men to hoist themselves by their own bootstraps.” (Rouche 816) Rouche exclaimed that the constitution was not a practical success in his final paragraph. Though, he was right about that, Rouche also said in his final paragraph explaining that statement…that over a half a million men had to die on the battlefield of the civil war just for a constitutional principle could be defined. (Rouch 816) Also, When Rouche stated that the vivid demonstration of effective democratic political action… country men were so persuaded by the elite that they metaphorically lifted themselves to that status. So it is apparent that the constitution did its job for the most part in which the Framers had enabled lower class individuals to be a part of this new American

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