Comparison Essay: PS4 Vs. XBOX One

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Comparing Essay
Whether you are looking to spend all night playing video games, or watching your favorite TV series on Netflix is up to you, both consoles will fit your needs. Sony released the PlayStation 4 on November 15 of 2013, and as of March 04, 2014, they have sold roughly 6 million units costing $399, and 13.7 million video games all over the world. In the first 24 hours of sales one million PS4’s were sold in the United States. On November 22, 2013 there was approximately 1 million XBOX ONES sold, costing $499, within the first 24 hours of being released. Now there is approximately 5.8 million XBOX ONE’s sold. The release of the much anticipated game “Titan fall” for the XBOX ONE definitely helped them catch up to Sony’s PS4 by increasing their sales by 90%. “Titan fall” helped sell over 1 million XBOX ONE’s alone. It’s not only about the sales.
The PS4 does cost $100 less than the XBOX ONE, but at what cost? In order to play online you have to have a membership for both consoles. The PS4 has PlayStation PLUS for $50, which breaks down to $4.17 a month, and the XBOX ONE has GOLD membership for $60, which comes down to $5 a month. The PS4 already includes Hulu and Netflix for free, while you need the GOLD membership to us these features on the XBOX ONE. The Video games for each console cost on average $59.99 per game. With the PS4 you would save approximately $110 your first year, and then $10 every year following that. Which can add up until they come out with a new console that has a sleeker look, and you’ll dump the PS4 for the latest and greatest.
The Hardware in the PS4 and the XNBOX ONE are virtually identical except for the PS4 has a slight edge over the XBOX. Th...

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...ter personally. If you like the more futuristic features, such as voice control then you may lean more towards the XBOX ONE. The PS4 is not necessarily better, it’s more known as the cheaper of the two new consoles. Cheaper isn’t always better. As a fan of the XBOX family, I’m leaning more to the XBOX ONE. The controller to me is more comfortable and fitting in your hands, as well as familiar. Each generation of these gaming consoles continues to evolve and create things we virtually thought were impossible. Technology can do many great things and in the future who knows what we will be capable of. The world of technology is evolving quickly and will soon change the way we play games, and watch movies. The future is limitless, and I look forward to seeing the new systems, games, features, and controllers of the future. No one knows what exactly we are capable of.
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