Comparison Between Two Episodes of the Shows Bing Bang Theory and Fresh Mean

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How are characters are identified?
The Big Bang Theory: (BB)
Simon Helberg (as Howard Wolowitz): short geek with thick hair but no glasses on.
Kunal Nayyar (as Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali) The only asian guy with a strong indian accent.
Melissa Rauch = (as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz) she is the short blonde witha squeaky voice.
Mayim Bialik (as Amy Fowler Emily) brunette so fiesty, empowered and outspoken.
Fresh Meat: (FM)
Jack Peter Benedict Whitehall (as Jonathan Pembersley, JP): As the tall guy who is a posh wannabe. Violet Nordstrom(as Violet Nordstrom aka Vod): The black girl who is rebellious. Mother: The middle-aged woman who is called "mother" and "mummy" by Jack.Joe. Thomas (as Kingsley Owen): the dark haired short guy who is disciplined.
I am comparing and contrasting two extracts from two sitcoms: one american: Clog zilla - Season 7 Episode 20 The Relationship Diremption from The Big Bang Theory and the other, british: "It's An Outrage Mummy" from Fresh Meat.
How is naturalism used to establish a sense of real time and space?
Von was shown swearing within a minute into the scene. This feeds into our cultural perspective towards young black people: they get easily annoyed, swear frequently and have no respect for elders. In addition, from the moment JP enters the kitchen until the very moment he leaves the room, he talks to his mother with utter disrespect with random outbursts of the "f" word. The way Jack behaves with his mum is th...

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...s you have to personally deal with."

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