Comparison Between The Green Knight And Beowulf

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British literature has many interesting stories that involve numerous journeys with many different types of characters that span from hero down to a miller. Many of the adventures have unbelievable strengths or happenings like magical events that cause for modern day readers to be skeptical of the truth behind the stories, but one must remember that the stories have been passed along, some for many hundreds of years, before ever being written down to read. Back then, many people could not read nor write, so the way stories were told were by way of mouth. Both Beowulf written by an Unknown author and Sir Gawain and The Green Knight written by the Pearl Poet were stories just alike who have characters whom embark on journeys that are quite…show more content…
Hrothgar pronounces to Beowulf, “Beowulf, my friend, you have traveled here to favor us with help and to fight for us… It bothers me to have to burden anyone with all the grief that Grendel has caused and the havoc he has wreaked upon us in Heorot” (Unknown 51). This excerpt is from when Hrothgar is thanking Beowulf for sacrificing his life to get to their lands and save them from the deathly monster, Grendel. Sir Gawain is very similar to Beowulf in this matter for the fact that he willingly went to search for the Green Knight. One thing that is different about the story is that Sir Gawain had a possible negative outcome if he did not find the Green Knight by a year and one day from the time that he cut off his head. So Sir Gawain put off looking for the Green Knight for quite a long time, but then decided to hold up his end of the deal and went to search for him because of his chivalrous ways from being a knight. Line 62-65 read, “Yet Keeping calm the knight just quipped, ‘Why should I shy away. If fate is king. or cruel, man still must try.’” (Pearl Poet 197). This is passage is when Sir Gawain decides to go on his mission to find the Green Knight instead of being a coward and backing out of the deal. Beowulf and Sir Gawain both choose to travel across new territory…show more content…
Both tales are of brave men who come to be confronted by their abilities to move forward in situations that challenge their self-worth, trust, and strength whether it is in the physical or mental sense. It is not always easy comparing two stories that have completely different outlines, but when looking deeper into the matter, there is always similarities among those who embark on adventures that could compare almost to nothing possible during the current day. Early British literature can be blunt and brutal some times, but most of the time it tells wonderful stories of a daring individual who uses their strengths and weaknesses to create an overall positive outcome on their journeys

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