Comparison Between Taoism And Confucianism

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"Dao" is used as a general name for any kind of native Chinese religion or ancient belief. From ancestor worship to Taoist philosophy in Han Dynasty, it has strong connections with rules, principles, states, ultimate truth and so on (Huber & Zhao, 2011). Confucianism and Taoism inherit the essence of “Dao”, which have common pursuit and different thoughts in terms of politic and values. Confucianism is a both philosophy and religion, while Taoist thinking transferred from philosophy to Taoism that influences deeply to the Han Dynasty. Taoism is basically a term for China’s indigenous philosophies and religious beliefs, indicating as China’s main religion that colors all the others. The pursuit of “Dao” is the common object of both Confucianism…show more content…
The two have a close connection with each other, thus, people should protect natural environment and resources instead of destroy its harmony. In essence, the meaning of “Dao” in Confucianism is benevolence and righteousness (Confucius, & Legge, 2010). Confucius initiated the spirit of sacrifice life for justice and proposed to manage state affairs based on ‘benevolence, righteousness and filial obedience’ (Wang, 2011, pp.101). Confucius encourages to live in harmony with the "Way (Dao) of Heaven”, performing the duties and responsibilities which appropriate to the position in society (Confucius., Cai, Lai & Xia, 1994). Ancestor worship and reverence to family are fundamental elements of Confucianism in Han China (Confucius. & Cleary, 1992). In Confucianism, Rituals about ancestors are extremely significant and must be performed in precise ways (Confucius. & Cleary, 1992). Dao in Confucianism plays a role of reverence and…show more content…
During Han Dynasty period, they got what they need by absorbing and changing each other 's factor (Wang, 2011). Taoism theory complemented Confucianism 's shortage that lack metaphysics, and Confucianism theory made Taoism to pay attention to social problems (Renard, 2002). To analyze based on the establishment of culture, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are three ‘spiritual pillar’ in the Chinese ancient ideology and culture, shaping the mythology (Yang & Tamney, 2012, pp.27). Among these three, Confucianism plays a main role while Buddhism and Taoism play a supplementary role. Confucianism plays a critical role in making contribution to some important culture field such as philosophy, ethical and moral discipline, while Taoism made a huge contribution to universe theory and aesthetic as well as natural philosophy. In addition to ‘the co-existence between practice and faith’ (Sered, 2010, pp.21), Confucianism develops their faith and characteristic by practice; Taoism honors faith and characteristic by practice, which can be seen that their theory is

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